So… What is doorval?

Our Story

The story is long in the making, built upon a passion for Real Estate and a desire to empower people to realize the benefits of Real Estate Investing.

Always believing that investing in Real Estate was the way to go, founder Troy England took the leap in 2001 and became a landlord. Continuing with self-learning and Training Programs over the years, Troy has gained Real Estate Investing education and experiences in Canada and the United States from building new properties, purchasing older properties, renovating, renting and selling. There have been some good investments and not so good ones, but they were all learning lessons.

You probably heard the saying “You make money when you buy, not when you sell.” We know Real Estate can be a great investment, but most bad investments can be a result of bad evaluations at the start. Direction to know what to look for and the confidence you are buying the best property for your situation is key. That’s where comes in.

Our business Maradev Managed Services Inc. is operating as doorval.

Our Goal

We believe Real Estate Investing is a great way to grow your wealth and provide a legacy for your family. With that, we strive to empower people by providing direction and confidence so you can realize the benefits of Real Estate Investing.

We look to share our knowledge and the knowledge of our network to provide an easy to use and informative platform to help you properly and effectively analyze, compare and share income property opportunities to close more profitable deals.

The key is confidence and we want to share our passion with you to help you know you are picking the best income property for you and your family.

Why “doorval”?

You probably heard the question, “How many doors do you own?”
Door refers to a rental unit and our primary focus is helping with income property valuations… doorval was born!

Now we want to help you answer that question, with your number.
Let the Evaluations begin!